Ozone Generator

Portable ozone generator and direct discharge, specially designed for carrying out purification and disinfection of environments.

VERNIS models generate ozone through a system of electric discharges, which are obtained by applying a high-voltage alternating current between two electrodes where a dielectic is located.

Thanks to the combination of its robust and light design, its simple handling and the variety in the power range, this machine adapts to both domestic, professional, and industrial Division use.

Model G0-20

Portable ozone generator for air treatment of 20 grams per hour.

Robust and lightweight design

Stainless steel housing. The use of high-tech elements allows the generation of significant amounts of ozone in a reduced size and weight. Anti-vibration handle and feet make it easy to transport and place the machine on multiple surfaces.

Simple operation

A simple switch (ON / OFF) activates or deactivates the equipment. The countdown timer up to 45 minutes starts the ozone generator. The LED light indicates whether the machine is performing disinfection.

Safety Measures

Machine equipped with grounding. A protection fuse protects against possible breakdowns.


Timer: 1-30 Minutes
Ozone output: direct discharge
Air flow: 2 s 120 m3
Power: 320W
Voltage: 230V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Dimensions: 255x235x300 mm
Weight: 6’5 Kg

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Public Transport

Funeral Homes


Shoping Centers




The rotary generators or converters use the mains electricity to move a motor that in turn acts on another that works as a generator. This generator allows to obtain voltages and frequencies different from the input, with the most common being an output voltage of 42 V and a frequency of 200 Hz. These converters are intended for the feeding of vibrating needles for compacting concrete.
Depending on the power they can supply, they incorporate a series of power sockets to be able to connect one or more vibrating needles. They can be connected to single-phase or three-phase networks and with input frequencies of 50 or 60 Hz. de 50 o 60 Hz.


Generadores eléctricos / Alternadores de alta eficiencia e imanes permanentes, 8 polos.




VERNIS MOTORS designs and manufactures brushless motors to be powered by both for dc / ac and dc / dc converters. These motors can be supplied with or without the control electronics.

In addition to industrial applications, ventilation, brushless motors are ideal for traction and mobility applications (such as bicycles, motorcycles, cars), since they offer great power with a very low weight, in addition to being able to offer maximum torques much higher, compared to classic induction motors, they can be equipped both with and without fan depending on their destination or final field of application. The constructive format is similar to that of IEC motors types 63, 90 and 112, these motors can be made with extruded casing and the electronics included inside for types 63, 80 and 90.

VERNIS MOTORS has developed an electric motor for light vehicles with a nominal torque of 32 Nm, maximum torque of 100 Nm, a nominal power of 11 kW, a voltage of 48 V dc, a nominal consumption of 200 A and an efficiency of 93% .

This motor stands out for its high performance at the work point, which makes it ideal for taking advantage of the energy supplied by the batteries, thus minimizing their weight and optimizing the space-autonomy binomial. It can also be adapted to the necessary interfaces in terms of power transmission and frame anchorage.

VERNIS MOTORS offers the kit composed of the motor equipped with its corresponding Hall sensors and the associated control electronics, which includes the appropriate electrical and temperature protections to constitute a safe, reliable and robust system.

The 4 and 8-pole brushless, sensorless or PMSM motors with permanent magnet rotor manufactured by VERNIS MOTORS guarantee high power with low weight, the reluctance torque (cogging) is minimal, ideal for traction motors with high peak torques throughout the entire speed range.


Motor PMSM T.90/8 8kW 4500rpm with reducer

Motor PMSM T.90/8 1.5kW 4500 rpm B5 with brake

Motor PMSM T.112/8 15kW 3750 rpm with forced ventilation

Motor PMSM T.112 / 8 15 kW 3750 rpm with forced and reducing ventilation for forced and reducing ventilation

Motor PMSM T.90/8 8kW 4500rpm

Motor T.56/4 500W 30Nm 200 rpm Includes epicyclic reducer

High efficiency brushless motor with permanent magnets mounted in extruded housing with flange mounting B14

High efficiency brushless motor with permanent magnets and IEC standard B5 flange fixing, controlled by built-in electronics.


Electric car

Electric Taxi

Post car

Golf Cars

Electric Pallet trucks


High efficiency 4-pole brushless / sensorless / PMSM motor

Motor brushless / sensorless / PMSM de alta eficiencia, 4 polos(ENG)

8-pole high-efficiency brushless / sensorless / PMSM motor

8-pole high-efficiency brushless / sensorless / PMSM motor





VERNIS MOTORS has a range of universal motors for a  different applications. The universal motor is an economical solution widely used for small electrical devices that have rotation. In every universal motor, the inductor coils are in series with the armature through the collector. Typical applications for this type of motor are: machine tools, industrial cleaning devices, centrifuges and other laboratory equipment. These motors comply with the CE standard, and are manufactured in accordance with the low voltage directiven.





VERNIS MOTORS has an extensive range of geared motors for many applications among which are: vending, fluid transfer, laboratory equipment, electrical appliances, automatic doors, etc.. The power of these units can be both AC and DC, there are endless possibilities for the output speed of the gearbox and torque required.

Combined crown-worm gear motors: According to the indications of our clients, at VERNIS MOTORS we carry out special assemblies such as combined crown-worm gear motors that consist of two speed reducers that are coupled to achieve greater and higher speed reductions. It is a very simple and inexpensive solution, but in this type of assembly a decrease in performance must be anticipated.

Worm gearmotors and standard execution: Both in the standard worm gearmotors and in the combined version, the assembly is carried out with motors of special manufacture requested by the customer or according to the IEC standard. Assemblies made in VERNIS MOTORS are delivered with a B14 or B5 flange. (Consult other flanges)

DC geared motor with tachometric dynamo: Due to the great demand in the market, VERNIS MOTORS has developed motors with speed regulated by tachometric dynamo. Also, and at the request of our clients, we develop applications with hall or encoders.

Motor reductor RM-Motor CC

Accionat per motor de CC; Parell màxim del reductor: 80Ncm.



RM900 -motor CC 
Potència : 3,3W
Freqüència: 50Hz
Velocitat: 6.800 rpm

RM900 – motor CC
Potència: 6,6W
Freqüència: 50Hz
Velocitat: 7.000 rpm

Nota: En aplicacions amb reduccions elevades, haurà de reduir les prestacions de sortida un 10% a causa de la disminució del rendiment del propi reductor

Motor reductor RC-Motor AC

Accionat per motor d’AC; Parell màxim del reductor: 300Ncm



RC 920 -motor AC
Potència :9W
Velocitat: 2.750 rpm


RC 940 -motor AC
Potència :15W
Velocitat: 2.800 rpm

RC 960 -motor AC
Potència :15W
Velocitat: 2.800 rpm


Motor reductor RD-Motor AC

Accionat per motor de C.A; Parell màxim del reductor: 150Ncm.


RD915 – motor AC
Potència: 7W
Freqüència: 50Hz
Velocitat: 2. 700 rpm


RD920 – motor AC
Potència: 9W
Freqüència: 50Hz
Velocitat: 2. 750 rpm