VERNIS MOTORS has an extensive range of geared motors for many applications among which are: vending, fluid transfer, laboratory equipment, electrical appliances, automatic doors, etc.. The power of these units can be both AC and DC, there are endless possibilities for the output speed of the gearbox and torque required.

Combined crown-worm gear motors: According to the indications of our clients, at VERNIS MOTORS we carry out special assemblies such as combined crown-worm gear motors that consist of two speed reducers that are coupled to achieve greater and higher speed reductions. It is a very simple and inexpensive solution, but in this type of assembly a decrease in performance must be anticipated.

Worm gearmotors and standard execution: Both in the standard worm gearmotors and in the combined version, the assembly is carried out with motors of special manufacture requested by the customer or according to the IEC standard. Assemblies made in VERNIS MOTORS are delivered with a B14 or B5 flange. (Consult other flanges)

DC geared motor with tachometric dynamo: Due to the great demand in the market, VERNIS MOTORS has developed motors with speed regulated by tachometric dynamo. Also, and at the request of our clients, we develop applications with hall or encoders.

Motor reductor RM-Motor CC

Accionat per motor de CC; Parell màxim del reductor: 80Ncm.



RM900 -motor CC 
Potència : 3,3W
Freqüència: 50Hz
Velocitat: 6.800 rpm

RM900 – motor CC
Potència: 6,6W
Freqüència: 50Hz
Velocitat: 7.000 rpm

Nota: En aplicacions amb reduccions elevades, haurà de reduir les prestacions de sortida un 10% a causa de la disminució del rendiment del propi reductor

Motor reductor RC-Motor AC

Accionat per motor d’AC; Parell màxim del reductor: 300Ncm



RC 920 -motor AC
Potència :9W
Velocitat: 2.750 rpm


RC 940 -motor AC
Potència :15W
Velocitat: 2.800 rpm

RC 960 -motor AC
Potència :15W
Velocitat: 2.800 rpm


Motor reductor RD-Motor AC

Accionat per motor de C.A; Parell màxim del reductor: 150Ncm.


RD915 – motor AC
Potència: 7W
Freqüència: 50Hz
Velocitat: 2. 700 rpm


RD920 – motor AC
Potència: 9W
Freqüència: 50Hz
Velocitat: 2. 750 rpm