Vernis Motors S.L. (VM) was founded in 1975 by José Ujaque López in Sabadell (Barcelona) and, nowadays, it is one of the main Spanish companies dedicated to the manufacture of rotating electrical machines, since we not only develop electric motors and generators, but also that our objective is to provide the optimal solution to the needs that that each client asks us.

As there is a motor for each application, for more than 35 years, our continuous challenge has been to design and manufacture electric motors tailored to the particularities of each client. The continuous development of new products, linked to the experience acquired during all these years, has allowed our engines to be used in a great multitude of sectors and types of industrial machines. Asynchronous motors according to IEC standards, a wide range of permanent magnet motors with the possibility of incorporating single-phase, three-phase or direct current frequency converters for battery supply, internal or external rotor generators, as well as universal high-frequency motors and direct current form, among many others, part of our extensive catalog.

Vernis Motors is a company that, due to its size and production capacity, together with a technical area in continuous research, can combine the manufacture of large series of products without forgetting the latest developments in the world of electrical machines. In addition, it should be noted that Vernis Motors unifies in a single company the development, design, winding, machining and assembly of all the components and motors it produces.

For this reason, wherever there is the possibility of incorporating an electric motor, Vernis Motors will have an answer for you.


We collaborate with a network of professional Associations, Clusters, and Universities with which we share challenges of innovation, internationalization and improvement of the competitiveness of the business networks in which our products provide added value.