Ozone Generator

Portable ozone generator and direct discharge, specially designed for carrying out purification and disinfection of environments.

VERNIS models generate ozone through a system of electric discharges, which are obtained by applying a high-voltage alternating current between two electrodes where a dielectic is located.

Thanks to the combination of its robust and light design, its simple handling and the variety in the power range, this machine adapts to both domestic, professional, and industrial Division use.

Model G0-20

Portable ozone generator for air treatment of 20 grams per hour.

Robust and lightweight design

Stainless steel housing. The use of high-tech elements allows the generation of significant amounts of ozone in a reduced size and weight. Anti-vibration handle and feet make it easy to transport and place the machine on multiple surfaces.

Simple operation

A simple switch (ON / OFF) activates or deactivates the equipment. The countdown timer up to 45 minutes starts the ozone generator. The LED light indicates whether the machine is performing disinfection.

Safety Measures

Machine equipped with grounding. A protection fuse protects against possible breakdowns.


Timer: 1-30 Minutes
Ozone output: direct discharge
Air flow: 2 s 120 m3
Power: 320W
Voltage: 230V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Dimensions: 255x235x300 mm
Weight: 6’5 Kg

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Funeral Homes


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Vernis Motors designs and manufactures electric motors, direct current with permanent magnets, customized for the client or with standard couplings.In collaboration with our clients, the engineering department, we define the parameters and characteristics of direct current motors according to the needs that mark us the customer or electric application.

The motor casings are made of iron with anticorrosive treatment, for types CC-80 and CC-110 there is the possibility of equipping them with aluminum casing and self-ventilating. All motors are dynamically balanced. The supply voltages from 12 V to 200 V, the useful power up to 640 W, The nominal torque up to 1.7 Nm maximum and the speed up to 4800 rpm. The degree of protection is IP 54 and thermal insulation class F-155º.

APPLICATIONS: Our electric motors are used in multiple sectors; Nautical, Robotics, Solar Trackers, Vending Machines, Automotive Sector Lifts Railway Applications, etc …



Motor 4 poles, refrigerated IC 01, IP23

Motor 2 poles, refrigerated IC 01, IP23





 DC power plates:

 AC power plates:

Besides electric motors Vernis Motors also supplies converters and electronic drives to control electric motors, whether asynchronous motors or brushless motors.Within the range brushless motors, there are two possibilities, motors with Hall sensors, which allow the motor to start when a low starting torque is required, or sensorless motors that do not require this type of boot.

Plates for direct current supply: For supply voltages of 12 and 24 Vdc with maximum motor amperage of 17, 34 and 67 A, that is to say 1600 W max. Standard speeds are 1500 or 3000 r.p.m. although there is the possibility of programming other speeds.

Boards for alternating current power supply: Asynchronous and brushless motor control for 230 V supply voltages and powers of 1.1 KW and 2.2 KW. These boards have a 0-10 V analog input, a digital input and the option with an auxiliary control circuit, as well as an input to read the motor temperature. Variable frequency drives automatically adjustable to voltages of 110 V or 230 V and that allow the control of asynchronous motors up to 15000 r.p.m. Converters for single-phase 230 V 50/60 Hz input and three-phase 230 V 200 Hz output, with powers up to 1.8 KVA. The plates have relevant protections to guarantee the correct operation and protection of the equipment. The design of these plates is made in order to comply with current directives and regulations.

VERNIS MOTORS has controllers for 230V 50 / 60Hz alternating current supply, as well as for 12 and 24V direct current supply for controlling synchronous and asynchronous motors and powers up to 2.2kW. The plates for alternating current supply have a 0-10V analog input and a communication option through an auxiliary circuit, as well as an input for reading the motor temperature, allowing total control over the motor. All of them are designed with over-current, short-circuit and over-voltage protection to guarantee the correct operation and protection of the equipment. Consult with our sales representatives for electronic controlled motors.