Vernis Motors SL designs and manufactures electrical DC motors with permanent magnets, according to the clients needs or with standars couplings.The steel housings of the motors are treated against corrosion. For the larger models, CC-80 an CC-110, exists the possibility of adapting them with self ventilated aluminium housings.

All motors are dynamically balanced. with an input voltage range from 12V to 200V, useful power up to 650W, a nominal torque of 1.7 Nm and velocity of up to 4800 rpm. The protection code is IP54 with an insulation of 155 degrees



Input Voltage From 12 to 200V
Nominal Power Until 1,7 Nm
Useful Power  Until 640 W
Speed From 630 to 4800 r.p.m.
Insulation Class F
Poles 2 o 4
Diameters 52, 64, 80, 110
Excitation Permanent Magnets
Protection: IP-54
Service: S1-S2-S3
Cosntructive Form Standard couplings IEC B3, B5, B14 or customized
Brushes: Easily replaceable
Shaft: Steel or Stainlees Steel
Magnets Rigorously controlled, embedded in the stator
Refrigeration Possibility of including a standard aluminium casing with fan
Bearings: Recognized Brand Ball Bearings