One of the key elements to provide optimal quality of our products is to ensure the perfect machining of each and every one of the elements that are part of our electric motors.

The improvement in the productive processes and the mechanization of increasingly complex parts, always looking for the optimization of resources and the maximum quality, demands suitable machinery for such effect. To do this, VERNIS MOTORS has lathes and machining centers by numerical control, an EDM machine with which, among other things, we can manufacture our own molds to be used in our plastic injection machine. On the other hand, for a perfect armored finished we have special shifts and shredding machines for grooving of collectors, in addition to a long etcetera both in machinery and in tools that ensure a correct finish for all our pieces.

For the perfect control of the mechanizations realized, we carry out a verification in real time of  100% of the pieces, which allows us to avoid deviations in a series and ensure that the units produced are inside the tolerances allowed at all times.