Being able to guarantee that the work carried out in the technical area and in production meets the demands of our customers, is the main task of VERNIS MOTORS laboratory. It is in the laboratory where all the necessary  tests and check-ups are being performed in order to ensure the correct operation of our engines.

Various equipment such as dynamometers power and torque, climatic chambers, salt spray and IP protection, allow us to simulate the multiple situations that developed motors will have to endure to be homologated by our clients and to comply with current regulations. These tests will define the final characteristics of the samples to be delivered and that will form part of the technical data sheet for each electrical motor model.

In addition, it is in this area where they put into practice all the developments of the R + D + I, from the analysis of the proposals for new own products of Vernis Motors, until the completion and commissioning of equipment for production improvement and verification of finished and semi-manufactured product


  • Automatic test benches horsepower, torque, performance …
  • Salt spray chamber.
  • Cold climate chamber.
  • Heat climatic chamber.
  • IP camera.
  • Stabilized power sources
  • torque sensors
  • oscilloscopes, frequency ..