Since the 80’s, there is a world wide competition where teams formed by engineering students have to beat themself and expand their knowledge by designing and bulding an small single seater style car to compete against other universities around the world.
Nowadays, with more than 400 teams divided in electric and combustion teams, and with 16 competitons in 4 continenets, it has become the biggest showcase of future automotive engineers. It is called Formula Student.

Once the season was over, the valuation was really good. Two high power vs weight rate PMSM where designed with technology that now is being applied to comercial motors, the performance of the car was clearly enhanced, and several people from the team found their first job in Vernis Motors.
After this exciting experience, Vernis Motors will continue, more than ever, betting on young talents, as this was the proof that the collaboration between companies and students is always bidirectional and profitable for both parties.

Vernis Motors became last year a Principal Sponsor of one of those teams, the e-Tech Racing team from Barcelona.
The proposal for the company was to design the motors for the propulsion of the car and, in a moment where the participation of the company in the electric mobility field is growing quickly, Vernis Motors could not refuse it.
In only six months, the needs were fixed, the design was completed, and first tests where undertook. Two months later, the team competed in Spain and in Czech Republic