In VERNIS MOTORS, SL We have a range of universal motors for countless applications.

The motor AC018003 is a vibrating motor designed by Vernis Motors for use in vibrating screeds.Its innovative design, compact and robust, allows its installation in small spaces and with maximum guarantees.The vibration level is easily adjustable by removing the protective caps and repositioning in the opposite direction the eccentric weights.It is supplied with, cables, connection box, start-stop switch and capacitor.



Voltage:  V  230 II
Intensity: 0,7 A
Frecuency: 50 Hz
Power: 100 W
Weigth: 4,5 Kg
Protection: IP-65
Insulation class: 155ª
Centrifugal force max: 86 Kg/Nota

Other configurations are possible on request.

  • Three Phase network.
  • Different Voltages.
  • Custom colours.