The ozone generator developed and marketed by Vernis Motors SL takes advantage of the multiple applications of ozone in the air disinfection.


The ozone is an (unstable) O3 allotropic variety of oxygen is generated by activation of the diatomic oxygen molecule O2, this activation occurs by an electrical discharge. The main properties of ozone are microbicidal, deodorant and oxygenating action making component is suitable for uses in which a disinfection aire.Elimina radically unpleasant odors, irritating substances, allergic required, significantly reduces the level of microorganisms present in the environment.

It exerts a very effective action against pollutants of various types:

  • Chemical contaminants of organic and inorganic origin.
  • Biological contaminants: viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.



Changing rooms in sports centers, department stores, shops, cinemas and treatro, cafes, bingo halls, casinos, schools, clubs, hotels, restaurants, residences for the elderly, funeral homes, pet shops.